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​Rope Clock

"Quipu" is the inspiration of this design. Each light ball represents a knot, and the stainless steel pipe represents the rope. In addition, the hourly lighting show was inspired by Cuckoo clock, and the concept of the dancing fountain was translated into its lighting effect. ​​

"Rope" is a new type of floor clock, taking a bold step away from the traditional, clocks with numbers and indicators, by displaying time in a less precise way. The main features are how the time is displayed and the hourly lighting show. With completely different characteristics of clocks, "Rope" reshapes the experience of perceiving time and reinterprets the connection between people and time.

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​How To Tell Time
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side view

front view


ROPE Rope  Standing Bell

170* 32* 16 (cm)
Max 28W AVG 14W


-10°C~ 50°C


Product name

​Product size 

Product weight 
​Rated power
input voltage
Power supply specifications 
color temperature
​Ambient temperature 
Design and production


App control

ROPE APP remote control

Rope will perform a short but charming light dance every time the hour comes.

Switch between default mode and multi-light mode for different scenarios.

Different lightness level to adapt various environment.

With the built-in Bluetooth, you can simply use your smartphone as a remote control. 

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