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EMspec Rope clock 繩 立鐘

Painted with light, embellished with art, the lingering light and shadow connected by time


Rope is the designer's original idea of "knotting ropes to record things". The overall design incorporates precision metal processing and extremely high craftsmanship purity, and then uses soft warm light as the basis for identification, and is almost completely handmade and time-consuming. Complete this standing clock that defines a new role and status in space.


Rope hides eye-catching design highlights in every aspect of its appearance. It uses soothing light to gradually increase to express every passing minute: and greets each hour with a harmonious and rhythmic light dance: through brightness adjustment and time display By switching modes, Rope can better exist in the objective environment that conforms to each subjective space.


Since then, the clock is no longer just a passive time display tool, but has become a visual protagonist in the spatial environment: allowing us not only to observe time, but also to be able to calmly leave precision, elegantly open to time, and enjoy its flow and companionship.

Rope 繩 立鐘


    • Please contact customer service staff before and after ordering

    • After the order is completed, it will be delivered to your home in Taiwan within 7 working days and we will assist in completing the assembly.

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