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EMspec Quadrant Clock 象限 時鐘

The romance of mathematicians, the aesthetic feelings of the streets - Quadrant Clock


The design of the "Quadrant Wall Clock" is inspired by the rectangular coordinate system. Take the xy axis in the first quadrant, replace the hour and minute hands of the clock, and display the time in the 12-digit grid.


The designer uses the interlacing of light points to connect the lines, turning the multi-dimensionality of time into a flat surface. With a warm and simple design style, the clock is transformed into a modern aesthetic that touches people's hearts.

After breaking away from the traditional time recognition framework, it simplifies the complex and presents a design that is full of tolerance and is easy to match with various spaces of different styles.


"Quadrant Wall Clock" combines time, environment and people.Become one in a moment,Let the gesture of passing time no longer be boring,It’s an elegance that finally lets people get rid of being forced by precision.,Have fun with time.

Quadrant 象限 時鐘-消光黑鑲金


    • Please contact customer service staff before and after ordering

    • After the order is placed, delivery (home delivery) will be delivered to your doorstep within 7 working days in Taiwan.

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