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EMspec Matrix Clock 鏡鑽系列 十二宮格時鐘

Tempered magnificence, metal elegant mirror diamond series


The EMspec zodiac mirror diamond series is based on the process of polishing stainless steel into a mirror surface and combines classic metal surface treatment to present a unique aesthetic style that shines with luxurious light in the light and shadow.


The luster of the Mirror Diamond series is like crystal, capturing the surrounding scene and reflecting a realistic picture. The blending of metal texture and light and shadow creates a unique spatial charm. Every angle presents a different sense of beauty, and every exposure brings a different visual feast.


The luster of the mirror and the texture of the metal complement each other, presenting a noble, elegant look and gorgeous atmosphere. It blends with the original elements of the space, creating a charming space under the reflection of light and shadow. Let us feel Luxurious beauty and unique atmosphere.

Matrix Clock 十二宮格 時鐘-鏡鑽系列 - 鏡鑽銅


    • Please contact customer service staff before and after ordering

    • After the order is placed, delivery (home delivery) will be delivered to your doorstep within 7 working days in Taiwan.

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