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EMspec Matrix Clock 釉彩系列 十二宮格時鐘

Weaving the elegance of time and inspiring aesthetic inspiration - Glaze Series


EMspec Zodiac Glaze Series integrates natural elements into the design. Using light and shadow materials and colors as pens, beautiful pictures are painted.


The glaze series is not only a witness of time, but also a carrier of aesthetics, enriching the layers and details of space. It can be integrated with different interior design styles. It integrates the beauty of nature with the flow of time, providing unlimited space users. space for inspiration and creativity.


EMspec Zodiac Glaze Series is not only a clock, but also an artistic interpretation of time. These styles continue to demonstrate the wonderful fusion of art and design, giving life and emotion to spaces. Whether it is blooming with the mysterious light and shadow of silk embroidered gold, carrying the tenacity and depth of slate black, or exuding the natural atmosphere of mica gray, each one is an emotional presentation of time.

Matrix Clock 十二宮格 時鐘-釉彩系列 - 雲母灰


    • Please contact customer service staff before and after ordering

    • After the order is placed, delivery (home delivery) will be delivered to your doorstep within 7 working days in Taiwan.

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