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Matrix Clock - Orii Edition

EMspec clock design has welcomed a remarkable collaboration in the realm of time art — a joint unveiling with Japan's master of copper patination, President Koji Orii of "Momentum Factory Orii."


Since its inception in the year 1950, " Momentum Factory Orii " has diligently upheld traditional techniques passed down over four centuries in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture. Through these techniques, they draw forth vibrant and elegant hues from copper and brass, creating an unmatched spectrum of colors and textures. This craftsmanship beautifully embodies the aesthetic consciousness of time art expression.


The collaboration between EMspec and President Koji Orii has birthed a masterpiece that resembles a bridge through time, interweaving the essence of design and art into a unique tapestry. Under Koji Orii 's meticulous artistry, this timepiece emanates resplendent colors and radiance reminiscent of the dreams depicted by poets. It is not merely a guide through time but a messenger of aesthetics.


The encounter between EMspec and President Koji Orii is akin to a fantastical symphony of art and design, a poetic exchange between ink and metal. Together, they ignite a miraculous dance of time, crafting a chronicle unlike any other.