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Quadrant Clock

"Quadrant" is a wall clock inspired by "Cartesian coordinate system " created by René Descartes. The horizontal and straight lines of the clock display take the XY axes in the first quadrant, like the hour and minute hands of the clock, to display the time in 12 digits.


Designers use simple crossed light, with a warm and simple design style, turn the clock into a touching modern aesthetics. After giving up the traditional logic of time recognition, we try to simplify the complexity and turn multidimensional of time into 2-dimensional. "Quadrant" shows catholic design details and values, and easy to match various styles of space.


Every hour, "Quadrant" will display a short light show inspired by the starry sky. It will make time, environment, and human harmony in at a certain moment so that the gesture of passing time will be no longer boring. "Quadrant" creates a kind of elegance which makes people get rid of forcing precision and feel comfortable about getting along with time.



Matte Black- Gold edge


Elegant rose gold

20180906 網站用3視圖-象限 -01.png

Front View

Side View



Matte Black- Gold edge

Elegant rose gold


80* 38* 1.8 (cm)


5 kg

Rated Wattage

Max 25W 

Rated Voltage

100~ 240V

Product Input Voltage


Color Temperature


Operating Temperature

-10°C~ 50°C



Remote Control


At the beginning of each hour, there will be a light show. You can enjoy the glamorous, poetic motions of "Quadrant"'s sparkles.

Different lightness level to adapt various environment.

With the built-in Bluetooth, you can simply use your smartphone as a remote control. 

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